Friday, April 4, 2014

This is a test post.

This is just a post to see if posting is allowed and working correctly. Please ignore this post. Thank you.


  1. Asian mongrel seeking a good fight

    Hello net citizens!

    My name is Long Wong Charlie and I just wrote a book called “All Good Dragons Have Wonton for Breakfast"

    Is it just me, or has it suddenly gotten really quiet in here?

    Now I know that it’s always best to wait for the movie to come out, but why fight the urge while the food is getting cold?

    If you hate Chinese food…
    If you distrust stories of kooky immigrants…
    If you believe in curses…
    If you’re an alcoholic…
    If you dream at night of little Asian guys slipping off banana peels…

    Then go see what the fuss is all about at Dragons !

    Note: "Dragons" on the last line is the shortcut.

  2. This is the eBook every guy needs.... The Plan With No Name